Our Story

We started Cheer For Green with a vision to help India skip the fast fashion age and leapfrog into sustainable fashion practices. With the largest population on the planet, especially aspiring, young ones, India cannot afford to fall into the fast fashion trap. Both from an ecological as well as social perspective, fast fashion poses serious challenges for India and the world at large. However, solving the challenge is easier said than done. We have taken a phased approach to try and solve this in the Indian context and the sections below together with our blogs detail some of our current thinking. We are hopeful that just like in the EV Industry or Telephony, India has the potential to leapfrog and adopt sustainable fashion at scale.

Sustainability focus areas

A recent report from Bain on how brands can embrace sustainable fashion emphasizes the need for brands to focus on durability and quality. Incidentally, "Durability" is one of the key tenets that the Ellen MacArthur Foundation also talks about in their vision for a circular fashion economy.
We have ensured that "Durability", both physical and emotional remains a key piece of our approach and consumer messaging. Physical durability is ensured by leveraging the best possible fabric for the style which can enable a garment to be worn multiple times. Making them in classic styles, ensures that consumers love them across seasons and years.
The second aspect was to ensure that we work with partners who had leading certifications to ensure that their processes adhered to the highest sustainability standards. This led us to working with partners who were GOTS certfied.


GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is widely regarded as the best and most stringent organic textile certification available today. What sets GOTS apart is its comprehensive approach to sustainability and its high standards for environmental and social responsibility. GOTS certification ensures that every step of the textile production process, from the sourcing of raw materials to the final product, meets strict organic standards. With GOTS certification, you can have complete confidence that the product you choose is not only organic but also meets the highest standards of sustainability and social responsibility.