About Us

We want to bring sustainability to the forefront of the fashion industry and consumers. We strongly believe that the Indian market is under-served when it comes to Sustainable Fashion options. At Cheer For Green, we are excited about the challenge and opportunity to infuse multiple aspects of sustainability, from raw materials to production and even post-use disposal. While we start small, we are driven by the prospect of exploring these opportunities for a large, young country like ours - India! Following are the key elements that we have focused on for the first step in our journey.

Superior Fabrics and Classic Styles

Durability is perhaps one of the most important tenets of Sustainability. It allows us to wear a garment multiple times and keep it in use for years. Durability entails both the strength of the raw material and how it is constructed. It also means emotional durability, whether the garment keeps appealing to you across seasons and years. We have selected some of the best materials and construction quality to ensure that our garments last for a long time. We are also sticking to classic styling that we hope will give you joy every time you wear our piece.

Certified Materials and Processes

We believe sustainability should encompass both environmental and social sustainability. A lot of workers in garment production factories remain exploited around the globe. How do you ensure that your supply chain meets certain environmental and social sustainability standards? This is where certifications by standard bodies come into play. We believe the GOTS certification is one of the most comprehensive, covering environmental and social aspects. It ensures that the processes adopted across the value chain minimize harm to mother nature and to our society. We have been lucky to find a manufacturing partner meeting the exacting standards of GOTS.

Proudly Made in India

The garment supply chains today have become very complex, with lot of production moving to South East Asian countries. It becomes difficult to monitor the conditions of these factories. While many are world-class, quite a few still have unsuitable working conditions. However, their costs are very low, ensuring that brands can produce large quantities at a lower cost.

This is where working locally, in a certified factory in India makes a difference. You also get the advantage that your garment travels far less distances than if produced in a different country. Transportation emissions are one of the highest contributors to greenhouse gases. We are proud to manufacture locally in India.